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My story

I grew up in the generation that tried to find “peace” and felt that all nations should be treated equally and fair.

I like people and enjoy seeing new countries and cultures. I like teaching—helping children and youth further their education; I enjoy their thirst for knowledge and truth.

I am over 60 nowadays, but still have much of the enthusiasm I had when I was 20.

Why I am a member of the Family International

When I was almost 20 years old, God called me in a very direct and definite way. My fiancé and I radically changed our lives at that time and went into full-time Christian service. I have tried, ever since, to maintain a close and growing relationship with the Lord and show His love to others.

How I live my faith

Living in Thailand, being a foreigner, and involved in outreach projects provides us with a great window of opportunity to share our faith with people and the reasons why we are here helping people. My wife and I host many school programs, weekly Bible studies, and counsel friends regularly. We also use social media and other formats as a method for sharing our faith with others—via email, Facebook, PowerPoint, etc.

Personal timeline

Born in the USA.
Raised in California during the hippie era. My father passed away when I was 11 years old, leaving my mom to work full-time. My home was Christian, but I wasn’t one until I personally found Jesus during my third year of university.
I joined the Children of God in late 1970, and in May 1971 married my fiancé, who also joined. We then worked in missions in Florida and Tennessee.
Summer 1972
Moved to England to do youth outreach and to provide Bible knowledge classes.
Spring 1974
Moved to Holland, where for two glorious summers (and other seasons too) we worked with the Poorboy Club, reaching thousands of youth and bringing dozens and dozens into full-time mission work.
In response to a call for mission support in non-Christian countries, we moved to Southeast Asia. We lived and worked in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand for almost two decades, engaging in humanitarian and social work, while sharing the good news of God’s love with many.
A year after my wife passed away, God called me to mission work in Eastern Europe and Russia. I wound up going to Ukraine, which was quite a “leap of faith” for me as I was 45, didn’t know anyone there, had never been there, nor did I speak a word of the language. I returned to Thailand within nine months and was remarried. My Thai wife and her daughter soon came to Ukraine to join me in missionary work, and for the next three years we learned much about the people of that country.
We returned to Thailand to engage in charitable and Christian work throughout Thailand. I am currently in Thailand and plan to remain here for the foreseeable future.

Missionary experience

Childcare and education
I taught at the Bangkok High School for three years instructing teens, sometimes 60 in number, in Christian Bible training. In addition I taught mathematics, science, and social studies.
In the years that my wife and I were coping with her cancer we came in touch with many individuals and couples suffering in the same way. We were able to provide comfort and share our faith. Of my children, four are also involved in some form of charitable or Christian work. Some of my grandchildren are coming of age soon and I pray that I can continue to be a positive influence in their life paths and choices, and inspire them to contribute to the betterment of this world.

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