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My story

The Lord transformed my life! I went from being a person without purpose to feeling fulfilled, motivated and full of God’s love. The Lord did so much for me. He gave my kids a father and gave me a wonderful husband and three more beautiful kids. He changed my life for good and the least I can do is serve Him.

My husband and I have served the Lord in many countries and have enjoyed the blessing of meeting many people from different parts of the world. We have five kids and they make our lives a fun challenge. Our kids have learned a lot from our travels around the world. We are currently living in Guatemala.

How we live our faith

We strive to live our faith by sharing God’s love with every person we encounter. What everybody needs is love and God’s Word.

Personal timeline

November 2003
I met members of TFI and it changed my life for good. Having a personal experience with Jesus and His Word made me decide to give my life to Him and serve others.
July 2004
I traveled to Costa Rica to join a missionary home there and help with their ministries and young people. We reached many kids and young people with the Gospel message.
September 2008
I traveled to Mexico to help with the mission work and share God's love and message with many sweet people.
November 2009
Moved to Pakistan, excited to participate in a different way of reaching people with God's love.
March 2011
Arrived in Guatemala, and since then we have been here helping very needy people with donations. We also hold Bible classes, singing and changing one heart at a time with Jesus’ love.

Missionary experience

Youth Outreach Ministries
We have given many Bible classes to young people, helping them to learn about Jesus.
Child care and education
We have homeschooled all of our kids. At the moment, our kids go to public school and the teacher always mentions how well-mannered our kids are.
Christian Outreach
We have led so many souls to Christ, and are still working on reaching the world one heart at a time!
Humanitarian Aid/Volunteer Work
We have helped to coordinate many activities, deliver donations, clothes, shoes, and other goods to poor people, and assist many people affected by natural disasters, as well as handicapped kids.

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