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My story

Born in Lille, France, I began to travel in 1979 on my own when I was 18 to the U.S. and elsewhere, hitchhiking with very little money, meeting people and touring. I met some missionaries in New Orleans and got baptized in Lake Pontchartrain. I went three times to the U.S. and learned some basic English. In 1985, I went to South America for the first time, with the intention of doing a world tour for three to four years by myself, but it wasn’t God’s plan for my life. I met TFI in November ’85 in Santos, Brazil, and decided to dedicate my life to the mission with TFI in May ’87, and have been a member ever since. I met the girl who was going to be my wife in a TFI community in ’88, and, since I had to leave the country swiftly for visa reasons, we didn't see each other again until almost 11 years later, in February ’98, when we finally got married, making me, from one day to another, a father of three adorable girls. A year and a half later, we had our fourth baby girl. Suzi and I now live in Belém, state of Pará, Brazil, since 2001 with our two youngest daughters, who are 11 and 15 years old.

Why I am a member of The Family International

After I met TFI, I decided to give my life to this cause because I believed it fit me a lot better than many other Christian institutions if I wanted to live for something worthwhile. I loved (and still love) the enthusiasm with which TFI missionaries were preaching the Gospel and helping others in need. I still firmly believe that it was the best thing I ever did, and that’s why I’ve been around for 26 years!

How I live my faith

Ever since I became part of TFI, I have always lived “by faith,” dedicating my life to God’s service and receiving financial support from donations, gifts, and tithes. I don´t have a luxurious life but God has always faithfully taken very good care of me and my family. I´ve never, in all those 25 years, paid rent late or accumulated bills. God never fails to care for His workers. I give of my time, a lot of sweat (living in a hot and humid area), tears, and even of my own money to help others, counting on God to take care of me and my family. And He has always fulfilled His part of the bargain.

Personal timeline

November 1985
I met members of TFI for the first time.
26 May 1987
I became a member of TFI in full-time service in Poá, State of São Paulo, Brazil, with a Chilean-Norwegian couple and their four children.
August 1988
I moved to Argentina. I lived in Posadas, Province of Misiones, and Mar Del Plata, province of Buenos Aires, going on many missionary trips in the inland regions.
December 1991
Returned to Europe.
November 1992
Opened a new missionary center with three Belgian and Dutch families.
Worked and lived with a Dutch family with seven children in Dinant and Tirlemont, Belgium.
March 1998
Spent four months in a missionary home in Cadiz, Spain.
July 1998
I went to visit missionary homes in Verona and Brecchia, Italy, and Rjeka and Zagreb, Croatia.
September 1998
Returned to Brazil. Started a missionary center in the state of Bahia.
February 1999
I met my wife-to-be, Suzi, and stayed in Campinas, São Paulo.
June 1999
Our wedding.
August 1999
Our new family went to Goiania, state of Goiás, joining another family for four months.
December 1999
Beginning of a new missionary home in Manaus, state of Amazonas, with another Brazilian family, and many missionary trips all over the state, traveling by boat on many rivers.
January 2001
Started another mission work in Porto-Velho, state of Rondônia.
July 2001
We moved to Belém, where our youngest daughter was born and where we still reside today.

Missionary experience

Child care and education
I helped in nursery and child care on different occasions in different places, which prepared me for what was to come, being a father myself.
Christian outreach
I have traveled throughout several regions, states, and countries for about two decades, mainly in Brazil and Argentina, distributing evangelization products, which is a way to preach the Gospel and an avenue of income. I offered puppet shows for several years, with faith-building messages and Christian values in schools and other institutions. I am now using Facebook to send edifying messages to my friends and visitors, striving to always keep a positive influence and bring faith to the readers.
Humanitarian Aid/Volunteer Work
I have been involved in a prison ministry since May 2009. I am the official coordinator of missions in the women’s prison that we regularly visit. I also have begun a new project in a recently opened maternal prison unit, where the incarcerated mothers will care for their newborn babies for a year or less, before they will be separated from each other. We have other projects in mind for the future.

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