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My story

Born into a Catholic family, I loved Jesus as a little girl, but became disillusioned with the church as a teenager and soon declared myself an anarchist. I became an artist and joined the hippie ranks, traveling to India in search of truth and true love. I lost the will to live when my boyfriend left me, but Jesus saved my life. I later met Him personally and let Him change my life.

Why I am a member of The Family International

While I was traveling in India in the late ’70s, searching for the truth, I met John (an incredible Welsh guitarist/singer), who led me to have a personal spiritual experience with Jesus, even though I had declared myself an atheist. I basically tried Blaise Pascal’s “bet” (otherwise known as “le pari de Pascal”) … and it worked! Jesus filled my searching heart with the perfect love, freedom, peace, and joy I was searching for. A week later, I felt called to forsake my past life and to follow God and join the Family. As imperfect as the Family may be, I have never regretted that decision.

How I live my faith

I try to follow in His footsteps by showing His love to those around me, and telling whoever will listen about Him. My deepest joy, besides leading someone to Jesus and spending time with Him, has been teaching His Word to others and helping someone grow in the faith.

Personal timeline

April 1955
Born in Paris, France
September 1977–April 1978
Worked as an interior designer in Paris
July 1978
Got saved in India; joined TFI
September 1979
Met my future husband in Islamabad
January 1980
Married Dom in France
November 1980
Missionary work in Peru, South America, where our first daughter was born
April 1981–1983
Mission work in Chile and Argentina
January 1983
Moved back to France because of war in Argentina. Birth of our son Peter
January 1985
Mail ministry for Indian subcontinent, overseeing centers in southern India
August 1989–December 1990
Helped at Paris Music Center and Young People’s Center
December 1990
Taught teenagers in Austria border base where our 2nd daughter, Natalie Anne, was born
April 1992–October 1993
Budapest, Hungary
October 1993–December 1994
Switzerland and Belgium
December 1994
Novosibirsk Music and Humanitarian Aid Center
January 1995–October 1997
Almaty, Kazakhstan (doing charity work in orphanages, hospital, youth training, Gospel distribution throughout country)
October 1997–November 2001
South India (orphan work, deaf ministry, homeschooling, summer camps for kids)
November 2001
Madagascar (homeschooling and mission programs for youth)
April 2002–May 2008
South Africa (homeschooling; project manager for Project Hope, working with AIDS patients; instruction coordinator for CVA; Bible classes to Congolese refugees)
May 2008–present
Kinshasa, DRC, helping orphaned and underprivileged children and youth; training young national missionaries, using the 12 FS Bible course. Coached mission teams in East and West Africa
Nov 2011
Our daughter Natalie Anne went on to her heavenly reward

Missionary experience

Childcare and education
Childcare and homeschool teaching soon became my main ministry wherever I happened to be. I taught just about every grade, from babies to senior high, and loved it. Having few children myself, I often ended up being a foster mom to many children, which brought me so much love and joy.
Personal witnessing
Although I do enjoy teaching Bible classes to a large group of people, sharing the faith on a personal level has always been my favorite. Having lived in countries where proselytizing was disallowed, it was always a thrill when someone we came into contact with showed an interest and desire to know more about Jesus and the Christian faith.
Humanitarian aid/volunteer work
As Jesus said, “Faith without works is dead,” and as others have said, “If you don’t give people what they need physically, how can you expect them to listen to your sermon?” So I’ve always been involved in caring for the poor and destitute in one way or another, often in orphanages, prisons, hospitals, etc., distributing humanitarian aid or simply sharing of our abundance with those less fortunate.
In 2010, my husband and I started our own association, called “Espoir Congo.” This work has enabled us to reach many and to remain in this incredibly fruitful field.


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