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About us

We have been with TFI since the early '70s and have been married for over 35 years. Most of these years have been spent serving the Spanish-speaking world through translations, productions of literature, radio shows, and audio recordings. We have one daughter, who has a lovely family, and we are proud grandparents.

Why we are members of The Family International

We have had a wonderful, adventure-filled life serving the Lord with TFI. He has cared for us all these years, and continues to miraculously bless and lead our lives. We believe that this is the Lord’s calling for us.

The Christianity that is lived in TFI and reflected in its writings is not one of an exclusive religion, but rather an intimate and personal relationship with God through Jesus. This gives a lot of Spirit-led freedom that we have not found elsewhere. We are so grateful for the friends, co-workers, and fellow disciples with whom we have worked throughout years of service. There is a deep camaraderie that is intrinsic to TFI. This is our family.

How we live our faith

What an interesting question. The faith life for us is just walking hand in hand with the Lord as He leads us on to the next adventure. Until one day, like Enoch, we will just walk on Home. We are fully enjoying this special season of our lives. Though we have been in active missionary service for over 40 years, it seems that every day we learn new things and grow in spirit. Life continues to be an exciting journey.

Personal timeline

Sally born in Lancaster, Texas.
Gabriel born in Bogotá, Colombia.
Sally joins TFI in Austin, Texas, and later moves to Puerto Rico and then Peru.
Gabriel joins TFI in New York City, then moves to begin a work in Colombia and later travels throughout Europe.
We meet in Puerto Rico while in transit to other mission fields—Gabriel to Peru, and Sally to Mexico.
Peru—We marry, and work with Spanish publications and the area Montessori school.
Spain—Spanish publications, and outreach.
Colombia—Outreach in Bogotá and Villa de Leiva.
Puerto Rico—Begin Música con Vida radio program. Our daughter, Laura, is born.
Peru—Música con Vida Christian radio program.
Philippines—We begin working on audio cassettes and TFI publications.
Peru—Make a small publications team.
Brazil—Spanish and Portuguese translators form a cooperative unit.
Peru—Work on Spanish translations, outreach, and an area school.
Chile—We have lived in Chile for the last 20 years, still translating for TFI, Aurora, and the Conéctate magazine. Sally worked for years in the area of education and had a Caring Clown group for ten years. We try to use every opportunity to share our faith in this country of wonderful people.

Missionary experience

Child care and education

Sally worked in the field of education for 37 years, combining the Montessori method of teaching with other personalized teaching methods. She is a firm believer that the student, teacher, and parents are partners in learning. Designing courses to fit the specific needs of her students was her passion. Over and beyond any structure or curriculum, she felt that the first objective was to awaken the love to learn in the pupil’s heart.

Christian outreach

We have a Bible study group that meets weekly, as well as a large circle of friends that we minister to through email, phone, and visits. We also do seminars, retreats and fellowships throughout the year.

Humanitarian aid/volunteer work

Since the 2010 tsunami/earthquake we have brought aid, comfort and spiritual guidance to those affected by this tragedy in the coastal town of Constitución, Chile.


Our main missionary work is dedicated to the Spanish translation and production of the Conéctate magazine, Aurora devotional products, and TFI literature and audio recordings. We also have started a website, http://www.maltiempobuenasondas.com/, for podcasts and audio recordings to provide feeding Christian audios in Spanish.

Stay in touch

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