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About me

I love nature, so I enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and swimming. I enjoy cycling and reading. I am also curious about the history of the places I visit and like to listen to the stories of people I meet. I think God gave me the gift of encouraging others, for which I am most thankful.

Why I am a member of the Family International

I am a member of TFI because it changes. It is not a static or stagnant movement. Plus I find in TFI members, including the directors, people that foster and strengthen my identity as a human being and as a Christian.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by enjoying His creation, being positive and happy about whatever Jesus brings into my life, and trying to serve others to the best of my ability and availability.

Personal timeline

I was born in May.
I left my home town in southern Spain and went to Ireland to study English, where I met some missionaries from TFI.
My son was born. I started a challenging stage in my life as a single mum of a special needs child.
I became a part-time missionary with TFI in the UK. I had an infilling of the Holy Spirit there and developed a ministry witnessing to university students and professors.
I lived in Ghana, West Africa, as a full-time missionary and head teacher of David´s Harp, a pre-school and primary education centre founded and run by missionaries of TFI.
Travelled to south India for a year to get some training evangelizing in non-Christian countries.
Returned to southern Spain, where I have been basing ever since.

Missionary experience

Child care and education
Besides having taught and managed a TFI educational project in West Africa, I have homeschooled my son and have learnt a lot about special needs education. I am a member of Asperger Spain.

At the moment, I am teaching English to secondary and higher education students, with whom I also exercise some Christian life-coaching skills.

Christian outreach
With the help of missionaries from TFI, we run bimonthly fellowships for fellow members, relatives, and whoever is interested in growing in faith and meeting TFI.

I am also involved in Christian outreach in other provinces and take trips to help some TFI members with their evangelizing work; i.e., organizing and participating in graduations for students of the 12 Foundation Stones Bible-based course.

Humanitarian aid/volunteer work
I have the opportunity to take yearly trips to Ghana and I bring volunteers of different countries and ages with me. God bless Emmanuel, from Family Outreach Ghana, who makes this possible by hosting us. The people who visit West Africa have the blessing to live a real experience in the mission field and usually return with a change of heart.

In Granada, our home town, we run a ministry of laughter therapy with a group of TFI members who reside in the same town. (See Sembrando Valores Granada, in Facebook.) We hold benefit shows for the sick, the elderly, prison inmates and handicapped.

I sometimes contribute to producing, editing, adapting and translating TFI´s texts, like web pages, motivational articles, Activated magazines, and children's literature by Aurora Production.

Stay in touch

  • sembrandovaloresgranada@gmail.com
  • Fatima Sara, Sembrando Valores Granada
  • Fatima_teresa


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