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About me

I am a Filipino and was born on September 29, 1962. I was your typical average kid/student growing up. But in junior high school, I started getting into drinking heavily and regularly and smoking pot—which went on through college. I lost interest in school altogether, so I dropped out eventually. Basically, I lost interest in doing anything with my life—I just bummed around. I met members of The Family International who came to my school one day (before I dropped out of college). I got interested in what they were doing—living full-time for Jesus. I started visiting their community, but after a few weeks I stopped, because I didn’t want to give up my drinking and drug habit. It was a year later that I met up with them again. I started visiting the community and this time decided to give my life to Jesus full-time. So I joined The Family International in 1985 and have been serving the Lord ever since.

Why I am a member of The Family International

When I first met members of The Family International, they taught me the Bible, and I learned that as a Christian, I needed to be a witness for Jesus. I saw TFI members were very active in witnessing. I knew I had to be part of the community in order for me to do so too. I got all the training I needed in TFI to be a witness for Jesus and be the best Christian that I could be.

How I live my faith

I witness whenever and wherever I find the opportunity. I go on outreach regularly and take along our publications (poster tracts, Activated magazines and Aurora products) to offer the public.

I have a Bible study website (http://freebiblestudiesonline.org/) and a blog where I post devotional material on a daily basis (http://freebiblestudiesonline.wordpress.com/). I also have a Facebook page for all my sites (https://www.facebook.com/freebiblestudiesonline). I have an endtime blog where I post material relevant to the end times (http://thesignsoftheend.wordpress.com/) and another blog where I post essential information on health topics (http://thisthatnhealth.wordpress.com/). Between all my sites, I get hundreds of visitors every day.

Personal timeline

Joined The Family International.
Moved to a large training center, where I received further missionary training. Worked on TFI publications and learned how to run a small print shop.
Discontinued membership in TFI, but continued witnessing and passing out Gospel literature regularly.
Rejoined TFI and have continued to be a member ever since.
Started my blogs.
Put up my Bible study website.

Missionary experience

Christian outreach
I have been involved in missionary outreach since I joined The Family International in 1985. I have traveled around the Philippines on road trips, witnessing and distributing TFI publications. I continue to do this regularly wherever and whenever I can.
Humanitarian aid/volunteer work
From 2002 to 2007, my little family (my wife, five sons and I), visited a shelter for abandoned women, run by Catholic nuns, every Christmas. We brought gifts, and my five sons would perform Christmas carols for them. From 2007 to 2010, we visited them every month. My sons would perform a few songs and dance numbers for them and we would pass out snacks. We would spend time with the women and pray with them afterwards. This made them all very happy and they always looked forward to our next visit (including the nuns and caregivers).

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