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About me

I am American, 65 years old. I met and joined TFI in 1969 when a team of members was passing through California. Miraculously, they camped only one night in a village called La Honda, which was also the only night I spent there. I met them in the morning, was led to the Lord, and left with them that same beautiful Saturday morning, November 1, 1969.

Why I am a member of The Family International

I grew up in a very rich environment, as my father was among the early pioneers of IBM. In the 1960s, living near San Francisco, California, I went along with so many searching youth and got into the hippie culture of drugs, rock music, and so on. I met TFI and my life changed instantly. They led me to the Lord and I left my old life behind and went with them that same day. I am very thankful to have lived a big majority of my life loving and serving Jesus with TFI. There is no other church or Christian group that I've found that has the depth and wisdom and inspiration that TFI has.

It is very exciting to be part of God's great plan for mankind, preceding His second coming and the Millennium: the 1,000-year reign of peace on earth, led by Jesus Christ and His followers.

How I live my faith

I live my faith daily by beginning each morning with personal quiet time, which includes prayer and memory and review of Bible verses and quotes. I generally, almost always, carry literature in the form of tracts and Activated magazines wherever I go. My prayer is, and has been for years, to be a sample of the Lord's love to others. I love to greet and meet whoever I can, attempting to be a positive influence and encouragement of God's love.

For the last seven years, I've been in the States. We are also involved with a prayer ministry and supporting other missionaries around the world with monthly gifts.

Personal timeline

November 1 1969
Met and joined TFI in California.
December 1969
Met up with a larger team in Texas and eventually went to the Texas Soul Clinic, where I stayed for 1 1/2 years.
Traveled to London.
Moved to Italy, where I mainly did construction, carpentry, and assorted handyman work, as well as raising and taking care of various farm animals, including chickens, ducks, pigs, and horses. I was so happy doing anything, although handyman work is what I majored on. I also loved participating in Christian outreach wherever I happened to be.
The Netherlands: Was involved with Dutch/German publications.
India: First son born.
Cairo, Egypt: Second son born.
Traveled on the road in Western Europe in a homemade camper.
India: Amanda was born.
USA: Every day seems to be getting better, moving ever ahead to the grand finale: Heaven.

Missionary experience

Christian outreach
Personal outreach, sharing the Lord's love however I can, has been my passion, my job, and my mission since receiving the Lord at 20 years of age.
Humanitarian aid/volunteer work
For four years, in Hyderabad, India, we partnered with a shelter for street children. Slum aid in Ensenada, Mexico, and Hyderabad, Chennai, and Mumbai, India, was also a focus of mine over the years.
I have helped with the building of buses and motor homes used for outreach ministries in Los Angeles, London, and Holland.

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