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My story

The two things we like the most are travelling and helping others through humanitarian aid projects. With TFI we have found the perfect recipe for doing both!

Why we are members of the Family International

We have found it to be the best way for us to serve as active Christian missionaries. We’ve always appreciated the fact that TFI is mission-oriented; the emphasis has always been on going out there and changing the world.

How we live our faith

We haven’t received a salary since 1979. We live entirely by faith, trusting God for His supply of our daily and long term needs. We’ve gone to some pretty remote places and have sometimes found ourselves in some pretty tight spots, but we’re happy to say that the Lord has always been there for us.

Personal timeline

Born in England. I studied science but was mostly into drugs and rock n’ roll before joining TFI in 1975.
In India and Nepal I learned both Hindi and Nepali, as well as participated in a wide variety of outreach ministries.
Had a mobile ministry in southern Africa, Mauritius and the Seychelles. At this time our ministry consisted of presenting Christian slide shows free of charge in schools, colleges, prisons, hospitals and even old age homes. We also had a Bible course that we sent out by post all over southern and eastern Africa.
Missionary and humanitarian work in Fiji and the Pacific islands. It’s been an exciting and challenging time for us as we build up a local work and ministry while visiting Vanuatu, Samoa, Tonga and the Cook islands.
Born in the countryside of Western France; raised in a large Catholic family of 11 children. (I’m number 10!)
Attended various Catholic schools run by nuns, got my diploma and entered university to study sociology. I’m grateful till this day for the good education I received, along with hard work I experienced growing up on a farm. Nevertheless, I felt so unhappy inside. There was a lack of communication with my parents and others, and eventually I started smoking, drinking, and developed a serious problem with anorexia. At the age of 17 I weighed only 34kg and had two serious accidents within six months… I couldn’t find the happiness I was looking for until I had the following experience:
Had a personal experience with Jesus changing my life. The day I said “Jesus please come into my heart,” I was transformed, from evening to morning. I couldn’t deny something major had happened to me. Even my own family had trouble recognising me as I became so happy.
Since that day I have been a full time missionary with TFI throughout France and Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Seychelles and now all around the Pacific and Caribbean. I’ve never regretted my decision to give my life to Jesus and become a missionary with TFI.

Missionary experience

Humanitarian Aid/Volunteer Work
Besides personal witnessing and promoting the Activated magazine, we have established a registered charity in Fiji called Pacific Outreach. Our aim is to bring school and library books to village schools where conditions are extremely poor and educational supplies limited. As we travel to different islands, it’s a great joy to see the happiness that this ministry brings to both students and teachers alike.
Our charity also collects supplies for the handicapped, and clothes for flooding and cyclone victims.
Each year we purchase a round-the-world ticket (the cheapest one at the cheapest season), which takes us from Fiji to other parts of the world where we can collect supplies, visit relatives and fellowship with other members of our TFI family. For seven years now we have also used this ticket to pass through the Caribbean where we conduct drug-awareness programs, free of charge, in schools, colleges, prisons and other institutions.
Altogether, we have conducted hundreds of programs throughout 14 Caribbean countries, photos and video clips of which can be seen on our website.

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