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My story

I was born in the Blue Hills of Central Texas on May 22, 1947 (Gemini). My dad was impassioned with flying and technology and my mom was a pretty country girl. Dad joined the air force, and we ended up in Brazil, where I began schooling. We then came back to South Texas, where I finished high school and attended colleges for a few years.

At 13 years of age, I was riding my bike and noticed the nice white building of the 2nd Baptist Church. I asked my parents about it, and they said I ought to go check it out. I attended a small Sunday school class, where a volunteer read the Gospel to three of us boys. While he read, I could see Jesus in my mind’s eye as He went about healing the poor and needy with great compassion and casting out demons with heaven’s authority. I was amazed, so the teacher instructed me to walk down the aisle at the end of the service invitation. It was there, with a deacon, that I sincerely repeated the sinner’s prayer. They also scheduled a baptism for me and another boy. Years later, I found out from the Bible, that I had been saved at that point in my life, because I prayed to Jesus and accepted Him as my Savior.

In my late teens and early twenties, I was surfing a lot and came into contact with the hippie culture from California. After a couple years, I finally got to the point where I was afraid of losing my sanity and usefulness in this life. I was also in jail off and on for offenses from this hippie lifestyle. A dear friend of mine was murdered in a marijuana deal gone bad. It was a miracle that I was not killed too. I wanted to stop using drugs, so the Lord took me on the ultimate trip.

A friend acquired a small apartment, which was a big deal for us homeless hippies. A girlfriend and I took some LSD, and the room was totally dark. With my eyes open, all I could see was colored static, like an old TV set, between channels. But I felt sorry for her, so I put my hand on her tummy and, all of a sudden, I was travelling upward through these walls of static, faster and faster, until I came to a white light shining in me. It looked pyramidal, but without a base, just coming into me. I passed out at that point, and woke up the next morning all excited, that I had seen the Light.

After that, I was anxious to read the Bible and find out more. In the New Testament, the Lord spoke to me, to "deny myself and take up my cross and follow Him", because "if I tried to save my own life, I would lose it, but if I would lose my own life for Jesus’ sake and His work, I would save it".

A couple years later I met The Family International in Austin, Texas. I joined right away, because they were all serving the Lord full-time and were likeminded about the Lord and His Word and mission. Since joining, I have learned incredible things from the Word, as it applies to everyday life and the hands-on missionary lifestyle that still helps me to witness to people about Jesus.

Why I am a member of The Family International

I had heard about TFI while in a Christian campus commune. I had also traveled around Texas, with a friend who had visited a TFI commune and obtained a copy of The Revolutionary Rules (a statement of Scriptures to live by). I was very impressed by the wholehearted dedication to the Word and the example they had of living like the Early Church (as in the Bible) and like the early disciples and followers.

On the day I joined, I was near the Texas University campus, with my Bible, witnessing to hippies, and I was sitting guarding a hippie’s handmade jewelry, when a young man with a guitar came up to me to invite me to dinner at a TFI commune. I said, “Sure”, because I wanted to see if they were for real and how they were serving Jesus. So I got into a van with a few others who wanted to visit them.

A guitarist began to sing, at which time I felt the Spirit fill me in such a wonderful way that I knew I was with the people of God. I was further convinced when I saw their commitments to the Word of God, in teaching, knowledge, and action. I had finally found my place and church, with the body of believers and witnesses of the Endtime. Amen and hallelujah!

How I live my faith

I am now on the Central California Coast, which is very New Age. I continue to serve Jesus and His work by spreading the Gospel and winning others. I always carry prayer cards with me, which are my missionary business cards with a prayer on the back, which includes the TFI website. As I meet people, I say, “Would you like a prayer card?”, and many are content to check it out and hopefully get saved or confirm their salvation. To those who I am able to witness to more in depth, I give them, the Activated Bible studies and other information about TFI-related writings.

Personal timeline

Saved by Jesus Christ, at 13 years of age
Called to serve God
Joined TFI in Austin, Texas
Missionary work in the USA, Mexico and Brazil

Missionary experience

Child care and education
I have been married twice and we have 8 children, plus we adopted some too! I have about 16 grandkids. All of them are believers in Jesus and are following God the best they know how! Praise the Lord!
Humanitarian aid/volunteer work

I have a few projects to help improve the quality of life of long-time friends online (mostly in the Philippines) who love Jesus and want to serve Him.

1. We were able to help a dear friend and faithful follower with a new tin roof, after the old one had blown off a couple times and was full of holes. We also help her sick mom with medications and basic foods, as the Lord supplies. Now we need to help them raise their main floor space about 2.5 feet to keep out rain water.

2. A dear farmer family’s home was washed away in a flood, so they were in evacuation for a long time. The government gave them wood and we sent enough money to build a concrete foundation and hollow brick walls, but we are waiting for help now to insert steel and build a roof before rainy season comes along.

3. A single mother who loves Jesus and is spreading the Word, and helps her family and friends a lot needs income to have their basic necessities, so we are in the process of raising funds to replenish a little neighborhood store that is built into their home.

4. At the present time, locally, I am also helping a long-time friend and supporter, who is in a rehab/convalescent center, visiting her daily and caring for her home and pets, because she and her family know me well and trust me to care for her. We are praying she can walk again and be able to come home soon, where I can help care for her.

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