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My story

I was studying at a drama school in Dallas, Texas, and The Family came and witnessed to me. After two weeks, I decided to join TFI at Texas Soul Clinic (TSC).

Why I am a member

Before joining, my life was really confused and chaotic. I had no goals, until I was led to the Lord and then I had a motivating purpose for living.

How I live my faith

Over the last 47 years with The Family International, God has been faithful to supply all my needs, enabling me to preach the gospel in all the world.

Personal timeline

May 1970
Joined TFI at Texas Soul Clinic (TSC).
December 1970
Helped at Cincinnati, Ohio, where a whole group of people joined.
July 1971
Pioneered outreach bases in San Francisco, California & Berkeley University. Experienced an explosion of new members. 16 communities opened in the area.
February 1972
Got married to my wife Spring in Fresno, California.
August 1972
Moved to Amsterdam, Holland.
December 1972
Volunteered in Cyprus.
January 1973
Pioneered outreach works in Egypt.
April 1973
Served in Cyprus—Nicosia, Famagusta.
July 1973
Volunteered in Greece—Rhodes, Athens, Thessaloniki.
August 1974
Served in Italy—Rome, Florence, Bologna.
Outreach work in England.
Traveled to Libya to attend the Arab Youth Conference.
Volunteered in Marseille, France, at a Youth club.
July 1976
Worked in missions in Ghana, Africa.
December 1976
Missions in Nigeria.
Volunteered at outreach work in Singapore.
Mission work in Indonesia—Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta.
Volunteered in India for the Travelers’ ministry.
July–December 1988
Joined outreach base in Philippines.
Ministry work in England.
Ministry work in South Africa.

Missionary experience

California: Helped with training over 1,000 disciples.
Indonesia: Family radio programs broadcast on 300 radio stations.
Nigeria: Produced TV shows for youths for Nigerian TV.
England: Outreach to Arabs after Kuwait/Iraq war.
South Africa: Ministry to schools, including seminars, lectures to teachers/principals, and providing character-building books and material for the learners. Also oversaw translation of devotional children’s books into the local language.

Stay in touch

  • familymissionsct@gmail.com


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