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My story

I’m 54 years young and reside in Brazil and Argentina. I also travel to Paraguay on occasion. I love to meet new people and experience new cultures.

I grew up with a big dream—to leave a mark in some way on this world—but without knowing how to accomplish it, much less where to start. I was incredibly curious, an eager student, with a taste for good food, fashion, literature, and movies. I had a desire to try new things, which led me to eventually discover that God was the pillar and center of my life. But, how to show this to the rest of the world? TFI granted me this possibility.

Why I am a member of the Family International

I became a member of TFI because it gave me the spiritual insight I was looking for. TFI makes it possible for me to work hard serving society and striving to improve the quality of life for many. But most of all, it helps me to understand how God is working today in our lives and is teaching us to follow Him in every aspect. I now teach others how to incorporate prayer into their everyday lives, how to use meditation and reflection instead of giving way to stress or depression.

How I live my faith

I love to distribute the faith-based Activatedmagazines wherever I go. I’ve started to write, and I’m working on my first book of reflections and daily experiences. My husband and I have a ministry of healing through prayer, and we share our knowledge about healthy eating and living, and the Bible through this work.

Missionary experience

Childcare and education
With the help of others, I homeschooled my children. As a result they have excelled in communication skills, versatility, and are dependable people, having received a good start in life.
Personal Witnessing
For some time my kids did Christian outreach side by side with my husband and me. Over the years, I’ve learned how to impart my passion of sharing my faith with others to my children—the next generation.
Humanitarian Aid/Volunteer Work
We are sponsoring an orphanage, and help the underprivileged with food and school materials on an ongoing basis.

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