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About me

I was born in Montreal, Canada in 1963. Although I grew up in an average home to a pretty ‘normal’ family, during my teen years I had a strong feeling that my life would be different than the norm. I started searching for a meaning for my life. I was a punk for some years, then turned hippy for a while and was on my way to the Hare Krishnas when I met a sweet missionary couple singing with their children on the streets of Montreal. After talking with them, I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior with them. That same evening, I went over to their apartment and they answered my questions and shared the Gospel with me. When I walked in, I just knew I was “home” and that this was God’s plan for my life. I moved in with them the next day and have been a missionary ever since.

Why I am a member of The Family International

It’s with missionaries of The Family International that I met Jesus and found a reason for living. And it is through living my faith in TFI that I have found true and enduring joy. Why TFI? It is in TFI that I found truth. Once I met these precious souls who were out in the cold and rain looking for Jesus’ lost sheep, taking the words of Jesus at face value and bravely giving their lives for Him and others just like His first apostles did, I knew that this was the life for me and that TFI was the place to live it!

How I live my faith

When I met TFI, I felt this was how God wanted me to live my faith and the cause to which I should dedicate my life. I am involved daily in witnessing outreach activities such as distribution of audiovisual Christian material and literature, counseling, Bible studies, visits to a drug rehabilitation facility and helping the less fortunate with some of their basic needs and sharing God’s word with them.

Personal timeline

Born in Montreal, Canada.
May 21, 1983
I meet The Family International in Montreal, receive Jesus as my Saviour and join a missionary community the next day.
December 11, 1983
I land in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and move to São Paulo to join an existing missionary community.
January - March, 1984
I receive boot camp missionary training and dive into learning Portuguese.
September, 1984
I move back to Rio de Janeiro and meet my wife Phoebe.
Our first four children are born.
We serve as missionaries in Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, and Campinas, where I am involved in children and youth education, along with Christian outreach. In Belo Horizonte, we stay 5 years and make wonderful friends through sharing the Gospel, some of whom we still have weekly Bible studies and prayer meetings with through Skype.
Our next three children are born.
We relocate in São Paulo to collaborate with a large missionary community.
We return to Campinas where we reside until today and have made many wonderful friends through sharing God’s word.

Missionary experience

Child care and education
I have been involved in children education and missionary training through the years. I was involved from 1989 to 1994 as a fulltime teacher.
Christian outreach
I am daily involved in evangelizing through the distribution of TFI’s Christian audiovisual materials and publications such as the Activated magazine. I also spend considerable time preparing and giving Bible studies to the friends we are ministering to. Counseling is also a big part of my work.
Humanitarian aid/volunteer work
Wherever I have lived, I have always been involved with hospital visitations, prison visitations, rehab centers, sharing of basic needs such as food, clothing, furniture, etc. I have been giving weekly Bible studies in a large drug rehabilitation center since 2001 and have, with the help of a good friend, a regular food and clothing distribution ministry.

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