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My story

I was born in Germany. I met members of TFI in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1980. Since then I have been serving as a fulltime missionary throughout South America—Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile and Mexico, for 32 years! I am now back in Germany.

Why I am a member of the Family International

I have been guided to Jesus and His wonderful Word and promises through the writings of TFI’s founder, David Brandt Berg, and his wife, Maria Fontaine. The very rich, spiritual training I‘ve received in TFI has given me an understanding of what I am here for, in this life; it’s taught me how to connect with my Heavenly Father; how to interact in a godly manner with others; how to lead people to Jesus … and so much more that I don´t have space to write about here.

How I live my faith

I came back to Berlin, Germany, after being away from Germany for nearly 40 years. We are a small community of four TFI members here. Together we have weekly Bible classes along with a small group of people who love the Lord and the Word.

Personal timeline

February 1948
I was born in Germany, which was still struggling after World War II.
April 1966
I finished High school.
April 1967
I studied at the University of Art in Hamburg.
January 1969
My first daughters (twins) were born; one twin died after 3 days.
March 1970
I travelled to Argentina, where I got married to an Argentine.
April 1971
We moved back to Germany for one year.
May 1972
Moved to Ibiza, Spain, where we lived for eight years. My first baby boy was born.
May 1980
Moved back to Argentina where I met TFI; I joined.
December 1982
My second son was born.
February 1984
I lived in Uruguay for two years where my daughter was born, in Montevideo.
August 1987
The Lord gave me another beautiful baby boy.
May 1990
And one more, my last daughter and child!
June 1986
We moved back to Argentina until, eight years later.
June 1994
We went to live in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
July 1995
We moved from Brazil to Paraguay, but only stayed for 3 months.
October 1995
Arrived in Chile where we lived for three years before…
September 1998
We moved back to Brazil, where we stayed for 6 months until we could move to Paraguay.
April 1999
Arrived in Paraguay where we lived for the next 5 years.
October 2004
We came to Mexico City.
August 2011
After nearly 40 years, I am back in Germany.

Missionary experience

Youth Outreach Ministries
Over the years I have been involved with teaching young people how to engage in outreach.
Child care and education
I have taught/homeschooled some of the children in our missionary homes—mostly younger grades.
Personal Witnessing
This has been my favorite! Years of preaching the gospel almost daily has given me rich experiences and interaction with all kinds of different people from all walks of life.
Humanitarian Aid/Volunteer Work
When in Brazil I worked in the “favelas” (slums), taking regular food packages to poor families and teaching them the word of God. In Paraguay I was part of a ministry working with street kids. We cooked regularly for around 100 street children, and taught them Christian values through videos. I also visited a prison once or twice a week for four years, ministering to the inmates. We had amazing results with many changed lives.

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