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My story

I have been a missionary for the past 35 years, both in my native Japan and abroad.

Why I am a member of the Family International

I was drawn to the freedom that comes with knowing God and the love that I found in TFI, and I wanted to share this with others, and I love the community of brethren who have the same vision and goals that I have. TFI’s beliefs and core values fit with the vision and purpose I have for my life.

How I live my faith

I share God’s Word through weekly Bible classes and the distribution of tracts, and various charity works. I spend my full time and resources spreading the Gospel, sharing my faith with others, and teaching Bible classes.

Every month, I travel to various cities for two weeks to twenty days at a time to teach Bible classes and provide Christian counseling. I am also renting the fourth floor of an apartment complex in Tokyo that I use mainly for Bible classes and as a base for the relief work that I and others have been involved in (after the earthquake and tsunami).

Using that wonderful thing called email, I write a daily devotional that is distributed to 100 people and publish a monthly devotional book that 180 people receive.

Since the 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster, I have begun creating children’s story picture books for those afflicted and displaced by the disaster (my daughters have illustrated them). To date, we’ve received funding for a print run of 5,000 books, and have distributed over 3,000 of them. I’m presently in the process of creating another picture book for those affected by the disaster, this time on the theme of eternal life. The refugees in Japan have hearts that need healing, and such picture books have proven to be wonderful gifts that lift their spirits and renew their hope and strengthen their hearts for the future.

Personal timeline

Born in Akita, Japan
Received Jesus when I was 17 at a Bible study group at the university I was attending
Joined TFI a week after meeting two TFI missionaries
Married Dorcas, my beautiful wife of 34 years and mother to my 12 children
Traveled to China, Russia, Thailand, and Cambodia on mission trips
Began a seminar ministry, childcare booklet production, and counseling
I enjoying sharing God’s love with others

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