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My story

I’m a 60-year-young American (as of July 2011), a writer for magazines and short stories, the director of Elixir Mime workshops and theatre for the deaf; the director of Elixir Scripts—producing inspirational screenplays; a motivational writer and speaker for the MOVE program; and a puppeteer and professional mime and animator for the event company Party Pixie. I live in Mumbai, India.

Why I am a member of the Family International

I am attracted to TFI’s application of spiritual principles to daily life and the high level of commitment to the furthering of the mission. TFI also encourages creativity and community-building projects. I like the dedication and passion of other TFI members who I work with.

How I live my faith

I live my faith through teaching my grandchildren God’s Word every day, teaching mime workshops for deaf and underprivileged children, writing faith-building articles which I share with the public, and via my personal interaction with others. I also distribute Activated magazines.

Personal timeline

Joined TFI at a rock festival in Canada.
Went to London, where I helped in a photo lab and as a receptionist.
Married Pauline in Essen Borbeck, Germany.
Outreach and teaching in Indonesia, mainly in Bandung and Jakarta.
Outreach in Japan; acting and costume design for Treasure Attic series; teaching in Tokyo, Machida, Manazuru, and Tateyama.
Volunteered in Kampala, Uganda, and Durban, South Africa, with Family Care Africa. Continued teaching, writing, and acting.
Worked in Amman, Jordan, with FICS.
I presently reside in Mumbai, India, and am involved with Elixir Mime workshops and FCE. I continue acting, writing, and teaching.

Missionary experience

Youth Outreach Ministries
Worked with the MO band and was involved with outreach at Gypsies disco in Dusseldorf and the Poorboy club in Amsterdam.
Launched a youth-based radio show in Indonesia called Alunan Surya.
Held outreach programs at various universities in Indonesia.
Training programs/events in Japan and at various musical events.
Childcare and education
I’ve worked with schools in Kampala, Uganda.
Taught 7- to 9-year-olds for six years at the 21st Century International School in Tateyama, and several other years at other cities.
Taught at the Family Care School Uganda and Durban, South Africa.
Taught at the FICS School in Amman, Jordan.
I’m a writer and designer for the STEPS program in Uganda, Africa.
Personal Witnessing
Aside from distributing Gospel literature in Japan, where we frequently shared Christ with those who were interested, my English teaching has often led to sharing my faith with others.
Humanitarian Aid/Volunteer Work
I performed character-building edutainment shows twice a week at the Haya Cultural Center in Amman, Jordan, for six years.
Staffed dental hygiene awareness programs.
Did extensive work with FICS, and was the creator and facilitator for the MOVE volunteer training program in Amman, Jordan.
Currently working with FCE in Mumbai, India.
Elixir Mime workshops held for the deaf and underprivileged children throughout India.

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