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My story

I’m 52 years old, and a father of 12 children, presently between 13 and 33 years old. We have 9 boys and 3 girls. When I would go out for a walk with my kids, people used to ask me if I was a kindergarten teacher!

I like traveling and studying new languages. I challenged myself to learn Chinese for two years at a university and private school in Taiwan. I also later enrolled in a university here in Japan to learn English better, and now I’ve been studying professional English for the last two and a half years. As a missionary, I consider learning languages very important, as it plays an integral part in our communications and Christian outreach.

Why I am a member of the Family International

I’ve been a member of TFI for the last 33 years, since I was 18. I’ve learned so many valuable lessons, both spiritually and emotionally, about human relationships, how to handle emotional and spiritual problems, how to take care of children, and the importance of good communication. If I hadn’t joined TFI, I think I would have missed the opportunity to gain valuable lessons and experience, and I would not know how to live a truly happy life, much less help others overcome their problems.

TFI has gone through many changes, big and small. This recent change, the reboot, was an especially major one for me. It made me really think about where I want to be.

One of the wonderful features of TFI, I think, is its adaptability and willingness to change. TFI might not be perfect, but the dedication of many of the members to serve the Lord and their sincere desire to make the world a better place is one of the key reasons why I am still a member. And I want to work with other members to shape the future of TFI.

How I live my faith

I’ve been involved in mission and social work in India for the last 12 years, since 2000. We travel to India almost every year with a group of young people from Japan as part of an exchange program. We bring the love of Jesus to many.

In Japan, we continue to be involved with relief work in the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami-stricken sites. We provide personal counseling via phone, e-mail, and visitation. Please visit our website.

Personal timeline

Born in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Finished high school
Joined TFI as a full-time missionary
Married Claire, my wife
Enrolled in the Taiwan National University of Education to learn Chinese; was involved in mission work in Taiwan
Moved back to Japan. Started our own mission work in the Tohoku region
Co-managed an international school in Nagoya
Moved to Kyushu area to continue mission work
Moved to Hiroshima for mission purposes. Lived there for 13 years.
Made two six-month trips to India for humanitarian aid purposes.
2003, 2006, 2010, and 2012
Made four one-month trips to India with young volunteers to do social work.
Went to India for one month, for a Hiroshima/Nagasaki bomb peace project

Missionary experience

Youth Outreach Ministries
I helped organize a series of English camps for Japanese students.
Child care and education
Raising my 12 children has been a real challenging job. As a father I’ve had to learn a lot about patience and finding balance in my parenting.
Humanitarian Aid/Volunteer Work
I am presently the chairperson of a nonprofit organization. We are involved in humanitarian work in Japan as well as in India.

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