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My story

I was born in Denmark. I met TFI in ‘73 and became a member right away. I’ve been to many different countries in the world, serving as a missionary, together with my husband and seven children.

Why I am a member of the Family International

I found true love in Jesus through TFI and its writings.

How I live my faith

I have learned to trust Jesus in all things; He’s there for me through everything that I pass through in life. Besides my many ministries I also have a prayer ministry which has inspired my faith. As a result I have seen God work in people’s lives in big ways.

Personal timeline

April 1951
Born in Denmark.
Went to school and finished High school.
Worked as an au pair girl in England and Austria.
Worked in different schools and kindergartens as a teacher.
Became a member of TFI.
Did missionary work in Sweden amongst the youth.
Worked with drug addicts and troubled youths in Denmark.
Did the same work in Amsterdam and Holland.
Moved to France where I worked with children performing in old folks homes and orphanages. I also got married in 1980 and my husband and I started a Christian music ministry.
Moved to Argentina where my first two children were born; Our singing/music ministry continued.
Moved to and lived all over the south of India spreading the Good News of Jesus. Gave birth to my third child.
Began missionary work back in France where my fourth child was born.
My fifth child was born, also in France (in Paris). I took care of food distribution between our missionary centers there.
Continued my missionary work in France. Two more children were born.
My family relocated back to Denmark where I again began working with troubled youth.
Continued missionary work in many different parts of France.
Missionary work in many parts of Spain.
Lived in three different countries in Africa where I got involved in humanitarian work with poor children.
Traveled to the USA, than to Brazil, Berlin, and I’m now in Denmark.

Missionary experience

Youth Outreach Ministries
I’ve mainly worked with young people with severe drug problems—in many different parts of the world and for many years. It has always been very tough, but the Lord always turned things out for the better—for me and for the youth I worked with.
Child care and education
I have taught toddlers, pre-school and older children throughout the years. Working with children has taught me many beautiful life lessons.
Personal Witnessing
I always carry Gospel tracts with me whenever I go out, be it shopping or elsewhere, to give to interested people. I always meet people who are searching for the truth.
Humanitarian Aid/Volunteer Work
I lived in Ghana, West Africa, for a few years, where I worked with a school for underprivileged children, from 3-6 years old. We would find sponsors for the kids when they were ready to go to Primary school to cover their school tuition, uniform and food fees for the school year. We also adopted a very poor village where we would distribute donated goods on a regular basis.

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