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My story

When I, Neh, was young, I had a very turbulent life—I came from a dysfunctional family, was in and out of crime, college, and drugs, and finally ended up in a mental institution. It was there that someone talked to me about Jesus. This then became the focus of my search, and after praying desperately for a life where I could learn to love and be of service to my fellow man I was, amazingly, offered a job working with emotionally disturbed high school students. This experience made me even more desperate in my search for truth and eventually I met the Family International, where I began my life’s work of helping others and sharing Jesus’ love.

Why I am a member of the Family International

This is the most effective team to work with toward changing the world that I have been able to find … and I have looked around plenty.

How I live my faith

My wife and I share and distribute—daily—the fantastic Aurora AG products with people in our neighborhood and surrounding areas. This opens doors for us to meet people who want to participate in Christian outreach with us.

Personal timeline

Joined the Family in Chicago, Illinois, after four years as a special-education high school teacher.
Became a printer—printing publications for Christian outreach to the tune of hundreds of thousands of copies for the Northeastern US.
Invited to Puerto Rico to help start and teach in TFI Montessori schools in northern South America
Pioneered many missionary works, initially throughout Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and now Mexico, where I’ve been for the last 16 years. I have used a puppet theater as a way to involve my children in ministering to other children in schools, orphanages, and other public venues.
June 25, 2017
Brigham passed on to his heavenly reward after over 40 years of missionary service.

Missionary experience

Youth Outreach Ministries
As my children were growing up, we always had a puppet theater and dance troupe which performed throughout Puerto Rico, Colombia, and Venezuela.
Child care and education
I have taught all grades and subjects, from preschool to high school, for over 40 years.
Personal Witnessing
Besides sharing the love of Jesus with others for nearly 38 years now, wherever we have been, I have also accompanied teams of youth on outreach road trips, to Old San Juan, Puerto Rico; Guanajuato, Cuernavaca, and Morelos, Mexico; to the EXIT music festival in Novi Sad, Serbia; to May Day youth celebrations on the Black Sea at the Romanian/Bulgaria border; as well as the annual Siguishuara Citadel festival in Transylvania, Romania.
Humanitarian Aid/Volunteer Work
My wife and I have had a ministry in several orphanages here for the last few years—supplying significant amounts of food, new and used toys, clothing and shoes, and organizing educational and recreational outings. We now have a lunch program in a small town nearby, which provides free lunches daily for 45 needy children, as well as several grandmothers.

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