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My story

Albert and I met in Indonesia when he moved here from Australia to continue his missionary work. We have ten wonderful children. Basing from Indonesia, we have worked together for the Lord in Japan, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. We have established a school on the island of Timor for children who—prior to its establishment—had no access to education.

We travel extensively within Indonesia to conduct teacher training seminars.

Why we are members of The Family International

We have both learned so much about how to live our Christian faith through our years with TFI and enjoy a great deal of camaraderie with many other TFI members as we fulfill the Great Commission.

How we live our faith

Our lives revolve around sharing God’s Word, teaching children, and doing what we can to be a blessing to others. As we live by faith, the Lord always leads us in new ways to share our faith.

Personal timeline

I, Albert, met TFI members in Australia.
I moved to Southeast Asia, where I continued my missionary work in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan before moving to Indonesia, where I met my future wife, Angel, through outreach in 1982.
Soon after getting married we moved to Japan, where again, we were mostly involved in sharing our faith with people.
We participated in educational projects in the Philippines and Japan.
We moved to Thailand, where we lived for the next 16 years, raising our family of ten while continuing in the field of Christian education and volunteer work.
We moved to Indonesia, where we live and work now.

Missionary experience

Youth Outreach Ministries
We have both spent many years reaching out to youth in many Asian countries—in universities, schools, clubs, on the streets, and in parks—as well as to young travelers from around the world.
Child care and education
We have also been very involved in the field of education—first with homeschooling our own children, than working as teachers in various schools, and now with establishing a school for underprivileged children. We also hold seminars to provide training for teachers around Asia.
Personal Witnessing
Sharing our faith with others is a foundational part of our lives. Whatever countries we have been in and in whatever our daily “going about our business” is, we always find opportunities to share His Word with others. We aren’t great evangelists but we find great joy in finding the ones Jesus leads us to and helping them grow closer to Him.
Humanitarian Aid/Volunteer Work
We are heavily involved in volunteer work—attending to the needs of children and the disadvantaged. We help collect and distribute needed food, clothing, and medical and educational supplies in many of the islands around Indonesia. We have also been involved with those affected by the tsunamis and other natural disasters—earthquakes, volcanoes and floods. We have built a school for the disadvantaged on Timor Island, which we help oversee and organize for (at present) 161 students.

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