Life Balance Check

by Peter Amsterdam

For the latter part of last year and the first months of this year, I struggled with ongoing back pain which made it difficult for me to work at my computer, and it also hindered my sleep and exercise. Within that time period I also had some faulty dental work done, resulting in significant pain in some of my teeth that made eating difficult and painful. I had to go to a different dentist, who had to redo all the work on my teeth. Throughout that time, I was falling further and further behind in my work and in other responsibilities, yet I kept pushing through despite the pain and lack of sleep. This ongoing pain, coupled with feeling pressure in my work and having a difficult time keeping up in other aspects of my life, put me under a great deal of stress. This was detrimental to my health, attitude, and spiritual life. This isn’t the only long period in my life in which I experienced high levels of stress, it’s just the most recent.

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