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Subscribe to ActivatedActivated is a magazine that will change your world and help you to make a difference. Activated offers answers from God’s Word, and personal accounts from Christians around the globe confirm that God is still alive and working, and is always there for us with His love, strength, and power.

Published monthly, Activated has a regular circulation in 15 languages, and selected issues have also been published in 17 other languages. Over 10 million copies have been distributed worldwide since its creation in 2001.

Connect with the source of love, happiness, peace, freedom, and the best life has to offer—God, whom the Bible says is love. Change your life! Change your world! Get activated!

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  • The Family International (TFI) is an international online Christian community committed to sharing the message of God’s love with people around the globe. We believe that everyone can have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, which affords happiness and peace of mind, as well as the motivation to help others and to share the good news of His love.


  • Pursuing God’s Spirit

    We desire to know and understand the truth of God’s Word, the essence of His divine nature. We value the foundational principles of the written Word, hearing from God, and following His guidance.

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TFI Online is a community site for members of The Family International. TFI is an international Christian fellowship committed to sharing the message of God’s love with people around the globe.

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