What the Bible has to say about the future

What the Bible has to say about the future

The prophets of the Bible foretold amazing things about the future. Many of their predictions have already come to pass. There are hundreds more biblical prophecies about future events and world conditions. Some of these are now being fulfilled in our times, and they presage the fulfillment of yet others in the near future, even in our lifetimes.

Our future was predicted thousands of years ago. You can know that future.

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  • Our fundamental beliefs are generally in accordance with those held by Christians the world over; we also embrace some untraditional doctrines. Our application of the foundation principle of God’s Law of Love that Jesus taught—to love God, and to love our neighbor as ourselves, which He said fulfills “all the law and the prophets”—is a defining feature of our lives and our faith.


  • The power of one

    We value each individual and his or her unique talents, skills, and strengths. We believe that every person can contribute to changing the world by changing one heart at a time.

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